حكومة عموم فلسطين
Hukumat 'umum Filastin

All-Palestine Government

Partially recognized
Flag of None 1948–1958 Flag of the United Arab Republic
Flag of the All-Palestine Government
Map of Gaza
CapitalGaza City
Status Partially recognized
Prime Minister
- 1948-1958Ahmed Hilmi Abd al-Baqi
September 22, 1948Established
February 22, 1958Absorbed into the United Arab Republic
Flag of None Mandate of Palestine UAR Flag of the United Arab Republic

The All-Palestine Government (1948-1958) was established by the Arab League on September 22, 1948, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Though jurisdiction of the government was declared to cover the whole of the former Mandate of Palestine (|), its effective jurisdiction was limited to the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister

  • Ahmed Hilmi Abd al-Baqi () (September 22, 1948 - February 22, 1958)


Palestinian Polities

Palestinian Nations


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