Die im Reichsrat vertretenen Königreiche und Länder
Kaiserthum Oesterreich

Austrian Empire

Flag of None 1804–1867 Flag of Austria-Hungary
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Smaller Coat of Arms of the Austrian Empire
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser
Location of the Austrian Empire
Outside the Holy Roman Empire:
Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen
Flag of the Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen
Government Monarchy
- 1804-1835Francis I
- 1835-1848Ferdinand I
- 1848-1867Francis Joseph I
Chairman of Regency
- 1836-1848Archduke Ludwig
- 1809-1848Fürst Metternich
Legislature Imperial Council
- Upper houseHerrenhaus
- Lower houseAbgeordnetenhaus
August 11, 1804Proclaimed
August 6, 1806Holy Roman Empire dissolved
June 8, 1815German Confederation established
August 23, 1866German confederation dissolved
March 30, 1867Austro-Hungarian Compromise
Area698,700 km²
- 180421,200,000
Flag of None Habsburg Monarchy Austria-Hungary Flag of Austria-Hungary
Austria Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy

The Austrian Empire (1804-1867) was an empire in Central Europe. The formal name used for the entity was The Kingdoms and Lands represented in the Imperial Council ("Die im Reichsrat vertretenen Königreiche und Länder").

In 1867 as a result of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, Hungary and its territories were broken out of the empire and given a separate autonomy, where it would be governed by it's own government in Budapest, without being subject to the government in Vienna. The Austrian emperor would also be king of Hungary, supreme commander of their joint military forces and responsible for foreign policy. The result was a new state Austria-Hungary, which was a dual monarchy consisting of two components, on one hand a continuation for the remainder of the Austrian Empire, and on the other hand the separate Kingdom of Hungary.


  • Francis I () (August 11, 1804 - March 2, 1835)
  • Ferdinand I () (March 2, 1835 - December 2, 1848)
  • Francis Joseph I () (December 2, 1848 - March 30, 1867)

Chairman of Regency

  • Archduke Ludwig () (December 25, 1836 - December 2, 1848)


  • Fürst Metternich () (October 8, 1809 - March 13, 1848)




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