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A continent is one of several large landmasses on Earth. Each continent consists both large contiguous landmasses, as well as large numbers of islands associated with it.

Continents can also be divided into subregions. What is counted as a continent or a subregion is a matter of convention. Asia is often considered to be the largest continent counted by both size and by population, but it could also be considered part of a larger Eurasian continent, or even as a region of the contiguous landmass that is made up of Afro-eurasia.

Continents and subregions


Africa (NorthernWesternMiddleEasternSouthern) • Americas (NorthCaribbeanCentralSouth) • Antarctica
Asia (SouthwestSouthCentralSoutheastEast) • Europe (NorthernWesternEasternSouthern) • Oceania (AustralasiaMelanesiaMicronesiaPolynesia)
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