Regno d'Italia
Kingdom of Italy

Flag of the Kingdom of Italy 1943–1945 Flag of the Kingdom of Italy
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Italy
Marcia Reale
Location of the Kingdom of the South
German Occupation:
Salò Republic
Government Constitutional monarchy
- 1943-1945Victor Emmanuel III
- 1944-1945Prince Umberto
Prime Minister
- 1943-1944Pietro Badoglio
- 1944-1945Ivanoe Bonomi
July 28, 1943 Mussolini deposed
September 3, 1943Armistice with the Allies signed
September 8, 1943Armistice declared
June 4, 1944Liberation of Rome
May 2, 1945Surrender of German Forces in Italy
June 2, 1946Constitutional referendum
CurrencyItalian lira
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy Fascist Italy Kingdom of Italy Flag of the Kingdom of Italy

The Kingdom of the South, or Regno del Sud, (1943-1945) was a period in the history of the Kingdom of Italy during World War II (|) after it had signed an armistice with the Allies and broken its alliance with Germany. In the northern part of Italy that was occupied by the Germans, the Italian Social Republic was established as a puppet state led by Mussolini. On June 4, 1944 Rome was liberated and the capital was moved there after having been temporarily established in Brindisi and Salerno.

Government Edit

Italy allied with Germany and declared war on the United Kingdom and France in 1940. In 1941, Italy - with the other Axis powers (|), Germany and Japan - declared war on the United States and the Soviet Union. Following the Allied invasion of Sicily (|) in 1943, the King dismissed Mussolini and appointed Marshal Pietro Badoglio as Premier. The Badoglio government declared war on Germany, which quickly occupied most of the country and freed Mussolini, who led a brief-lived regime in the north. An anti-fascist popular resistance movement grew during the last two years of the war, harassing German forces before they were driven out in April 1945.[1]

Events Edit

  • Mussolini deposed (July 28, 1943)
  • Armistice with the Allies signed (September 3, 1943)
  • Armistice declared (September 8, 1943)
  • Liberation of Rome (June 4, 1944)
  • Surrender of German Forces in Italy (May 2, 1945)
  • Constitutional referendum (June 2, 1946)


  • Victor Emmanuel III (September 3, 1943 - May 2, 1945)

Lieutenant-General of the RealmEdit

  • Prince Umberto (June 4, 1944 - May 2, 1945)

Prime MinisterEdit

  • Pietro Badoglio (September 3, 1943 - June 18, 1944)
  • Ivanoe Bonomi (June 18, 1944 - May 2, 1945)


Italian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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