Российская республика
Russian Republic

Flag of Russia 1917
Flag of Russia Emblem of the Russian Provisional Government
Rabochaya Marselyeza
The Worker's Marseillaise
Location of the Russian Provisional Government
Government Republic
- 1917Alexander Kerensky
Legislature Directorate
March 15, 1917 February Revolution
September 14, 1917Proclamation of the Russian Republic
November 7, 1917October Revolution
Flag of Russia Provisional Government Russian SFSR Flag of Russia 1918
Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic Flag of None
Finland Flag of the Kingdom of Finland
Duchy of Estonia Flag of None
Duchy Courland and Semigallia Flag of None
Kingdom of Lithuania Flag of None
Kingdom of Poland Flag of None
Belarusian Republic Flag of None
Moldavian Democratic Republic Flag of None
Ukrainian Republic Flag of None
Don Republic Flag of None
Kuban Republic Flag of None
Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus Flag of None
Alash Autonomy Flag of None

The Russian Republic (1917) was proclaimed on September 14, 1917 by the Directorate after the State Duma of the Russian Empire was abolished with the failure of the second coalition of the Provisional Government. The republic collapsed with the October revolution and was replaced with the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and several break-away states.


  • Alexander Kerensky () (September 14, 1917 - November 7, 1917)


Russian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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