Российская Советская Федеративная Социалистическая Республика
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

Republic of the ‌Soviet Union
Flag of Russia 1918
Flag of None
Flag of the Kaliningrad Oblast
Flag of the Sakhalin Oblast
Flag of the Russian SFSR Coat of Arms of the Russian SFSR
Map of the Russian SFSR
Flag of None
Flag of Finland
Secession and accession:
Karelo-Finnish SSR (1940-1956)
Flag of the Karelian ASSR
Government Socialist republic
Legislature Supreme Soviet
December 30, 1922Accession to the Soviet Union
May 13, 1925Secession of Turkmen and Uzbek SSR
December 5, 1936Secession of Kazakh and Kirgiz SSR
February 19, 1954Crimean ASSR ceded to the Ukrainian SSR
December 26, 1991Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Area17,075,200 km²
- 1990147,386,000
Flag of Russia 1918 Russian SFSR
Flag of None Tuva Autonomous Oblast
Flag of the Kaliningrad Oblast Kaliningrad
Flag of the Sakhalin Oblast Sakhalin Oblast
Russia Flag of Russia
Turkmen SSR Flag of the Turkmen SSR
Uzbek SSR Flag of the Uzbek SSR
Kazakh SSR Flag of the Kazakh SSR
Kirghiz SSR Flag of the Kirghiz SSR
Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of None

The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was a republic of the Soviet Union.


Russian Polities

Neighbouring Nations


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